How to Pack Your Vehicle for an Epic Road Trip

how to pack your vehicle

There is nothing worse than getting 100 miles into a road trip and discovering that you forgot something. In some cases, like a broken down vehicle, it can be even more serious. Packing your vehicle for a road trip is not something to be taken lightly. Even the small comforts are important when you are going to be on the road for a long time. Road Trips should be fun and safe.

Here are five tips to remember to make your road trip as good as it can be:

Pack Plenty of Snacks

The last thing you want is to get stuck somewhere without anything to eat. Road trips are just not the same without your favorite snacks, anyway. Pack a cooler with cold drinks and gather up snacks that keep regardless of temperature. There are many you can pack in the cooler as well, but the best kinds you can stick in the glove compartment and not worry about them spoiling. Beef jerky, veggies and fruits, popcorn and granola bars are all great choices. This will also save you money by keeping you out of fast food joints.

Bring an Emergency Kit

Emergency kits are a must and they need to be fairly extensive if you are driving far away. The basics you will need are a flashlight, matches, first aid kit, tools to work on the car, plenty of water for each person, cell phone, spare tire and blankets. Another important part of your kit would be various car parts that are commonly needed on long trips. Hoses, clamps and transmission fluid is not going to be found out in the middle of nowhere. Think about the things that you might need and make a kit that works for you.

pack the car

Pack Light

Epic road trips are better when you pack light. The road trip is all about the ride and the things you see along the way. The last thing you need is ten changes of clothes and a whole bunch of wants. Pack up what you will need and forget the rest. Minimize on wants and focus on potential needs.

Load Your iPod

Music is the backbone of an epic road trip and you simply can’t have one without it. Great conversation will be welcomed but at some point, you will want to rock out to the music that you love. Load up the iPod and crank it up for the drive. You will be in another world and relaxing in no time.

road trip

Bring Entertainment for the Kids

While you may be completely entertained by your music, your kids most likely won’t be. To keep the road trip sane, allow your kids to bring a few things to do that can all fit in a single plastic container. Good choices include small video games, DVD players, action figures and books. The last thing you want for an epic road trip is whining kids with nothing to do.

Epic road trips become that way through preparation and a good state of mind. If you spend a little time considering your own wants and needs, it is fairly easy to pack for the occasion.

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