Peep S’Mores: A Fun Treat for the Family or for Your Child’s Classmates!

peep s'mores - easter


Peep S’mores…you can make a different version for every holiday! Peeps come in so many different and fun themes nowadays. Here is my take on an Easter Peep s’more!

My kiddos each had their school Easter Egg hunt this past week.

I am so blessed, because I was able to attend and help out (meaning: hide eggs!) at both hunts. I thought I was going to have to miss my daughter’s hunt due to a prior commitment at my son’s school, but thankfully they were understanding and I was able to be there.

All this to say, I love Easter. I love the egg hunts, I love dying eggs, I love bunny bait and Rice Krispy Treat Eggs, I love it all!

Pretty Easter dresses, handsome Easter outfits, get togethers with family and friends…it all registers pretty high on my holiday to do list.

The most important reason I love Easter though, is because of the amazing gift we have all been given in Jesus Christ. He died for MY sins (your sins too…but I can be a bit self centered sometimes ;) ) and the significance of that is NOT lost on me! Who else would do this for me? Who else would sacrifice themselves for me?

Only Jesus.

I’ll always enjoy Easter egg hunts and seeing the little one’s all dressed up in their Easter finest, but the older I get, the more I become overwhelmed with the enormity of what Jesus did up there on that cross.

On a lighter note…check out these cute S’mores Peep baggies I made for my kiddos class! I once made a Halloween version of these, AND a Christmas version (which is not actually a Peep, but still a s’more) so I figured there must be an Easter version as well!

Making these was super easy and not time consuming at all (lest you think I am one of THOSE over achieving Pinterest moms…I assure you, I am not.).

You need: 

  • Bags that zip on top (these are snack size cheapies from CVS)
  • graham crackers (cut in half…you’ll put 2 halves in each baggies)
  • Peep Bunnies
  • Small fun size hershey bars
  • Stickers (I used Avery 18163. They are my favorite stickers and you can use the template here to create your stickers! )

Here’s what my stickers say:

peep s'mores bunny

Peep S’mores!

*place chocolate on graham cracker half

*place peep on top of chocolate

*microwave for 10-15 seconds…be sure to watch CLOSELY!

*top off with other graham cracker half and enjoy the gooey goodness! 

for one of my favorite peeps!

Happy Easter, Love (insert child’s name here)

I took this wording from a pic I saw on Pinterest that did not link to a “good” site (ewwww), so I am not going to link it here (because I don’t want you clicking on it!).

This was a super fun and quick little project that I did while watching an episode of Parenthood one night (anyone else binge watching that show right now? I have 2 of my sisters hooked too!).

Let me know if you complete this project! And if you do something a bit different, let me know! 

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