How To Keep Your Kids Safe This Summer

keep kids safe

As a parent, reading today’s headlines is alarming to say the least. Summer brings with it plenty of dangers for our kids and even the most diligent parent can find themselves with a tragedy.

The best we can really do is inform ourselves, prepare our kids as best we can and continue to pay close attention. Some of the worst mistakes we make are fortunately easy fixes.

Here are some tips to keep your kids safe and happy throughout the summer months:

Apply Sunscreen Often

Sunburn is a very common problem for kids during the summer and can easily be avoided. Sunscreen is actually an easy fix but you still have to use smart summer common sense along with it. Keep them out of the sun during the hottest parts of the day, take breaks often and reapply every time your child sweats heavily or goes swimming.


Use Insect Repellent

Growing up, bugs didn’t seem like such a big deal. Sure they were a pain in the tail but mosquito bites were part of the summer package. Now we know that there are bugs out there that carry horrible diseases and are quite harmful. With that new information comes added responsibility. Keep a natural insect repellent on hand (natural optionoption with DEET) to keep the bugs away and your kids safe this summer.

Invest in Some Padding

Kids are going to fall and there is absolutely nothing you can do about that. No matter how careful we are as parents, they will find the corner of the table, the side of the building and the hard concrete with both knees during the summer. Given this, you should pad them up whenever possible. At least when they climb on the bike, go skating or play sports they can wear some protective gear. Spend a little bit for a good helmet and pads and you will save some in doctor bills as well.

summer safety

Invest in Cell Phones for Your Kids (for older kids)

Although cell phones can create new problems to consider for kids, the benefits far outweigh the potential for trouble. These days you almost have to make sure your kid has a cell phone. If you are concerned about the dangers of cell phones, you can always invest in one that is only set up to call certain people and limited minutes. Kids need to have a way to contact you in an emergency once they hit the teen years. Unfortunately our world has dictated that clearly.

Keep Your Kids Hydrated

Some things never change and the need for water and hydration is one of them. Just like when we were small, our kids need to make sure they drink plenty of water as they play throughout the hot summer days. Even the slightest activity during hot weather can lead to dehydration if you don’t stay on top of things. Keep a nice supply of cool water on hand at all times and your kids will stay healthy and happy.


Do you have any other tips for keeping the kids safe this summer? Comment below! 


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