My Own Personal Cake Wreck Wedding Story

Nintendo Cake

I originally posted this on my Facebook timeline and was encouraged by a few to make it into a blog post!

Recently, my husband and I celebrated our 9 year wedding anniversary. The past 9 years have been a blast and I just love being married to this awesome man!



One of the best things about our marriage is that we aren’t super serious or fussy people. We know how to laugh things off and if nobody gets hurt…we’re generally not going to make a big deal about it. Especially if it provides a good story for later!

The cake. 

Colin and I had a “destination” wedding for just the two of us in Jamaica. We ALSO had a wedding/reception here in TX on the 17th (10 days later). So we’ve been married twice, but both times it was too each other!

Anyway, the wedding cake came from a nice bakery, but the grooms cake was going to be a pretty simple sheet cake and we decided Walmart could handle the job (funny! Right?!).

Colin is big into video games, so he wanted his grooms cake to be an old school Nintendo controller. It was going to be awesome! The whole sheet cake was supposed to look like a controller  (pre-Pinterest by the way…so this idea actually just came to us on our own! I am not sure I remember how to have an original idea like that anymore…LOL).

So Colin brings the paper with the picture of what a controller looks like and explains to them how he wants it done. The baker that we spoke with seemed to really get the concept. In fact, she made some good suggestions. We felt confident she knew what we wanted done. She made no mention that she might not be the one actually making the cake. She does say the picture might be a bit too small, could he bring one that is a bit more blown up so they could see the details better? He says sure…he’ll come back in a few days. She MAKES A NOTE OF IT.

At some point, I guess she calls and tells him, it’s fine, he doesn’t need to bring a bigger pic. So he doesn’t.

The day of the wedding my sister picked up the cake. We went through the ceremony and were sitting down to eat. People kept coming up to us and commenting on the grooms cake. “What does it mean?” . We thought it was pretty self explanatory…Colin likes video games, it’s a game controller? Duh?

It wasn’t until a good friend of mine came up and says “What does the grooms cake mean?”…we gave her our formed response at this point (we might have been slightly annoyed at this point? I mean, it just should have been a no brainer!)…which she followed up with “no…what it SAYS? What does the writing mean?”

Colin and I looked at each other and I said, “Well there shouldn’t be any writing on it at all…

We walked over to the cake and saw that it said “Will come back 3-1-06″ and just looked at each other in shock (also..the cake was NOT made how it was supposed to be!). Then the bell “rang” for Colin and he realized whoever made the cake had literally copied EVERYTHING on the paper that he had given the bakery! Including the note about him coming back!

We laughed so much. It’s still my favorite story from our wedding to date.

People ask if we complained to Walmart. NOOOO! It was a great memory and one of my absolute favorite stories to tell. So even though we’d never trust Walmart with such an important cake ever again…we’re both glad for the memory.

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