4 Years of Texas Bluebonnets In Pictures…

One of our favorite yearly traditions is trekking across to the other side of Houston and taking pictures in the bluebonnets!

Last year was pretty depressing. Because of the drought, our pictures were less than stellar. There were hardly any bluebonnets at all!

This year was great. The kids were a bit older and a bit more into it and I remembered to bring the tripod!

Here are some of our previous year bluebonnet pictures:



Year #1, my sweet little guy!



This year was SO BLUE! Bluebonnets everywhere. Unfortunately, big brother wasn't feeling it.



This was the BEST year. This is the same field we took pics in this year.

2011 (the year of the drought!)

Bluebonnets 2011 046

The year of the drought. They were not impressed with the sun in their eyes...


This year! We had so much fun!

Do you have any annual photo opps that are special to your family? Tell me in the comments! 


  1. Katie R says

    LOVE these! I really love that there are some yellow wildflowers mixed in too. I love the kids’ expressions!

    We always take a family pic at Easter, on the front porch. I have a picture from the last 2 years of the kids and me in their halloween outfits (UGA cheerleader/football player both times!) on our front porch, just before going to the Church Fall Festival. I love seeing how much they change in just a year!

    • says

      Thank you Katie!

      Yes, I’m familiar with all those pics you take each year! Isn’t it funny how you look forward other people’s pictures?

      You forgot to post about your blueberry pictures though! I’m a big fan of those!

  2. says

    I love these. Love em. LOVE them. What a fun tradition that you all get to look back on!

    We have an annual tradition of fall photos at the pumpkin patch. But all that blue gets me thinking we need an annual spring tradition, too!

    Thanks for letting us look back with you!

  3. says

    I so wish we had a tradition like this! Still brown grass in the midwest, I will have to pick a place and start doing this yearly!


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