A Worthwhile Hiatus – Milking the Summer for All It’s Worth

Karate Kids

I promise, I’ll also start taking real camera photos and stop taking so many cell phone pics!

I know it’s been far too long since I’ve updated A Southern Mom. To be honest…I’m glad because I was getting a bit burnt out on the whole blogging thing!

This has been a LOOOOOOONG summer and I’ve had some difficulty juggling all of my different obligations with the reality that this is my son’s LAST summer before Kindergarten.

As a result, I’ve been being a bit more mommy and a bit less everything else. This means:

My house is a wreck

We’ve been eating out FAR too much

I will have no regrets when the little guy is in school from 8:15-3:15 every day because I know I sucked every memorable moment possible out of him this summer, LOL.

That said, school is coming up soon and I will definitely have more FREE time!

I’m curious…what do YOU want to see more of on A Southern Mom? More recipes? More random posts? More family stuff? More sewing tutorials? 

Let me know! I’m starting a notebook of ideas for the fall and I’d love to indulge my fabulous readers!


  1. Elizabeth Boese says

    What about wholesome recipes? Sewing projects? I don’t know! I would love anything NOT involving the oven these days.

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