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My sister in law is due to give birth to her first child any day now! When I first found out she was pregnant, one of my very first thoughts was…BOOKS!

When I am seeking answers or entering into unknown territory I immediately turn to my old best friend…the book.

My sister in law is a reader as well, so I knew she’d be excited to hear my recommendations (or at least I hoped she would!).

Here are my Books for Mom “Preparing for Motherhood” recommendations:

Happiest Baby on the Block

The Happiest Baby on the Block

Can I just tell you this is seriously the MUST read book for all new parents. I honestly don’t think they should let you leave the hospital without at first either reading this book cover to cover OR at least watching the accompanying video.

This is not a parenting book. It’s not a cry it out book. This is a book for how to soothe your baby. It seems obvious…but I promise even those of you with the most go with the flow infants will find a treasure in this book.

It (along with a miracle blanket) is pretty much our go to standard baby shower gift nowadays! GOLD!

Your Pregnancy Week by Week

Your Pregnancy Week by Week, 7th Edition (Your Pregnancy Series)

Okay…What to Expect When You Are Expecting terrified me. I opened it up and read about all the things that could possibly go wrong and was scarred for life! Okay, maybe not quite THAT drastic, but honestly it’s not a good book for the newly pregnant mom.

I enjoyed Your Pregnancy Week to Week because I was able to read little bits of it each week and I liked that it kept me up with the changes in my body. It was comforting to read that some of the symptoms I was experiencing were perfectly normal and there were tips for things you might want to ask your doctor about (without the alarmist over sharing done in WTEWYAE).

Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child

We all know babies need to sleep. We know they need to sleep a lot. What I loved about this book is that it really dove into the science behind it all. It told you not just that they need to sleep. Not just how to get them to sleep. This book explains WHY it is so important and what their sleep cycles look like.

It does also give sleep advice. There’s advice in this book for the dedicated co-sleeper as well as the parent that has no qualms letting their little one cry it out. Something for everyone.

Baby Wise

On Becoming Baby Wise: Giving Your Infant the Gift of Nighttime Sleep

Probably the most controversial on my list, this book has gotten a really horrible reputation. However the information in here regarding scheduling is priceless. I had one very go with the flow baby and one baby that needed his “flow” dictated down to the second. This book helped me understand that even though there is a stigma attached to scheduling, for some babies it is necessary (my son).

It’s not all about letting your kid cry it out. It’s about setting up a schedule that fits your family and your child and makes everyone happy.


Touchpoints-Birth to Three

This is the only real “developmental” book on my list. Why? Because it’s really all you’ll need. Too many conflicting sources might force you to become too paranoid and overly critical about the milestones your child is (or isn’t) reaching. I don’t actually enjoy parenting books at all, but I did like having this book as a guide.

It helped me see when things were going smoothly and when we might need to talk to our pediatrician about things. It was actually suggested to my husband by a coworker and I’m very grateful! The one we purchased while pregnant with Noah actually still applies to Lizzie today (she’s age 3).

What are some of your book recommendations for a new mom preparing for motherhood?


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    Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child was by far the most helpful to me (plus your advice!!)!

    I really like Shepherding a Child’s Heart for a Christian parenting book.

  2. says

    The No Cry Sleep Solution was an important one for us as well! And I give The Happiest Baby on the Block and the Your Pregnancy Week by Week to EVERY newly pregnant woman I know. The First Year Week by Week is also priceless.

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