10 Ideas for a Memorable Staycation

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Going on a big, family vacation is great, but it can certainly be stressful. Between the money spent, and the headache of preparing for the trip, that … [Read more...]

10 Simple & Genius Ways to Sneak 10,000 Steps Into Your Day

Woman walking cross country and trail in spring forest

  Walking has easily become the go-to exercise for people that need to lose weight or get in shape and it is especially cool because almost … [Read more...]

Strawberry Picking at Froberg’s Farm 2015

strawberry picking houston

Man, we really did ย push all of our spring activities onto the backburner this year! Like bluebonnets, we usually go strawberry picking in late … [Read more...]

DIY Little Sister Boutique Quality Baseball Outfit

Little Sister Baseball Outfit

My son is playing Little League baseball for the 3rd year in a row! He really enjoys baseball. He's not a big sport lover, so I'm so glad that he has … [Read more...]

2015 Texas Bluebonnets and Camping at Bovay Scout Ranch

Texas Waffles

One of my absolute favorite Texas traditions is our Texas Bluebonnets! This year was slightly depressing though. We waited too long to go … [Read more...]

My Own Personal Cake Wreck Wedding Story

Nintendo Cake

I originally posted this on my Facebook timeline and was encouraged by a few to make it into a blog post! Recently, my husband and I celebrated our … [Read more...]

My Baby Lost a Tooth! Plus Making Memories & Pillow Forts With Pop Secret

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My BABY lost ย her first tooth yesterday. Yes, you heard me correctly. My 6 year old BABY lost her first tooth. It's so different when things happen … [Read more...]

10 Quick and Easy Ways to Declutter Your Home

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Clutter is the bane of most homes. Really. When your home is cluttered it is easy to feel overwhelmed and frazzled and a cluttered home can easily … [Read more...]

Why Sometimes Saying Sorry to Your Children is Not Enough

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One of my biggest pet peeves is lateness. I'm ashamed to admit, some of my grossest behavior has stemmed from being late, fear of being late or even … [Read more...]

10 Fun Ways to Get Active With Your Kids!

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Guest post by Rodney Being a parent is a busy, crazy job. Parents tend to run and run and run so much for their families that when given the … [Read more...]