Eavesdropping On My Kids: Mini Mommy & Daddy

Here’s the scenario: 

The kids are in the pool and my daughter wants my son to grab something on the ground just outside the pool for her. She’s too short to get it herself so she asks her big brother to do it. 

Noah: Where is it?

Lizzie: It’s right there (pointing directly at the toy).

Noah: (gazing off into the distance) I don’t see it?

Lizzie: I’m pointing to it. Right there. On the ground. Where I am pointing. (mind you, this is my VERY articulate 3 year old)

Noah: I don’t see it. Maybe you left it inside.

Lizzie: I can’t believe you (I had to stifle a laugh at this point). Look at where my finger is pointing. See my finger here (holds up her finger), watch it go down (his eyes track the finger downward).

Noah: Oh, right there. Okay. (reaches down to grab it for her and goes about his business).

This identical scenario has played out between myself and my husband more times than I can count. I’ll tell him where something is (generally right in front of his face) and it’s like that spot is blurred out for him. He isn’t ignoring me or trying to be difficult, he just simply is not seeing it for whatever reason.

Is this a boy/girl thing or is it just in my family?

Do your kids ever act like yourself and your significant other? Do they take on the roles of the same gender parent or do you find that certain personality traits get passed on without regard to gender? 

(FYI, I watched the whole exchange and didn’t get up to help because I wanted to see how long it took for him to see the toy! LOL)


  1. Jean says

    I’m a great-grandmother now, but I had a husband, two sons and a step-son. None of them could find anything that was right there in the room in full view! I had to point it out to them! I think it has to do with being male. :)

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