Fun In The Backyard: Chilling Out In Our Pool!

We purchased a small pool recently for our kids to enjoy.

It’s big enough for the whole family to get into, but not so big that it takes up a ton of room in our backyard.

It’s kind of like this one? : 10′ x 30 Intex Easy Set Pool”

Just 2′ smaller in diameter!

It does require a bit more work than it claims ;) . We had to purchase some chemicals and a cover for it. But we have been super pleased with it so far! It was easy to put together and except for one hiccup, it’s been a ton of fun.


Do you have a pool in your backyard to beat the summer heat? 


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    Looks like they’re having a blast! We’ve considered getting one of these before, but were always thrown off by the lack of cover. I didn’t realize you could buy one (or that they even made them for these). Would you mind sharing what you found? We may have a summer full of splashes yet!

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      The cover we found was just at Academy! It was less than $12 I think? It has a drawstring and has REALLY helped keep the pool clean. I’d say even more than the crappy filter, LOL

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