Happy Birthday To My Sweet Boy (Cake Batter Pancakes Recipe)

My sweet boy is FIVE years old today! 

Wow, when did that happen?!

It really seems like just yesterday when he looked like this:

Now all of a sudden, he looks like this:

Time just goes too fast when you have kids. You blink and they grow a foot. 

This morning I woke up extra early.

My son requested Cake Batter Pancakes (I made them for my daughter’s birthday. Recipe here on my other site.), and I was happy to oblige. 
Cake Batter Pancakes

I finished the pancakes pretty early, so I went to sit outside the kid’s room with the camera. We had my son’s birthday present (A Leapster that we bought for super cheap on Amazon!) sitting outside the door all loaded and ready to go. My husband couldn’t be here this morning (he had to go into work), so I wanted to be sure to capture his reaction on camera!

I waited and waited and finally I went in and woke up my daughter. I told HER to wake up my son and tell him there was a present in the hall! I barely got back into position before he came ripping out of the room excited. He’s FIVE!

Pancakes were good, but largely ignored.

I got him dressed in the Super Mario shirt we bought from Kohl’s the other day.

The rest of the morning I thought we’d play and have fun, but he had other plans ;).

I did get a quick photo shoot in before school though!

It's harder to take pics of him at the age of 5 then it was at the age of 2!


Happy Birthday to my SWEET and HANDSOME and SMART Five year old! Mommy and Daddy love you sooooo much!

(Seriously go check out these Cake Batter Pancakes by the way.  They are AWESOME!)



    • says

      Thank you Stacie! Noah loved his pancakes! I’m still finding that glaze on the table though, LOL. Apparently he wiped his hands UNDER the table!


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