I Am Done Pigging Out!


Yesterday, we had a baby shower for my sister in law. Tons of family, sweets and munchies and presents!

I got the recipe for the pictured Rubber Duckie punch from here. It was a hit! (I did have to add some blue food coloring to make my punch “blue-er” though!)

It’s such a cute idea for a baby shower and I’m SO glad I was able to pull it off!

The shower went really well and the mom to be definitely received a stuffed carload of gifts to bring home!

There wasn’t much food left at the end of the party, but the leftovers made for an interesting hodge podge dinner last night.

Basically I munched on party apps and sweets all the way up until bedtime!

Needless to say…I’m not a teenager anymore and my stomach was not too pleased with me. I had a difficult time sleeping and woke up with new resolve!

All the “goodies” (junk food!) in the trash and time to get rid of some of this bloat (and lots and lots of fat).

I’m starting the Body by Vi shakes today (yeah yeah…I know there will be naysayers). I have quite a few friends that have had success with the program. I have no real desire to join the “money making” aspect of the program, but the weight loss success I’ve seen others have is VERY appealing to me!

It remains to be seen if I can handle “drinking” 2 of my meals a day. I’m a big muncher and I really do prefer REAL food.

I’m just at *that* point though. I need to do something kind of drastic I guess?

We’ll see. Wish me luck!



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    I’ve never heard of those shakes, it sounds interesting though. Good luck with your weight loss! I’m working hard to lose weight too – I’m glad I found your blog!! :)

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