May Fitness Challenge – Week 2 Starts Off Bumpy…

Glad we're all healthy again!

I know, I know.

I posted this awesomeness…than I dropped off the planet.

Sorry ’bout that.

This weekend was planned time off from BodyRock-ing. BUT I did finish the arm challenge!

Here’s what I did:

Saturday- I did Sunday’s workout. I waited until it was super late and Sunday’s workout looked a bit simpler so I flip flopped days. My tricep dips were STUNNING. Woot woot for stronger triceps!

Sunday – Saturday’s Arm Challenge workout. Went well. Also did 5 minutes of warm up on the bike, followed by 20 minutes of HIIT (I did 30 seconds full blasts/90 seconds recovery x 10) and 5 minutes of cool down.

I fully intended to hop back into BodyRock on Monday. Except…I woke up SO sick!

I basically stayed in bed ALL day on Monday. My stomach was killing me and I felt like a truck rolled over me. Not good!

I didn’t feel much better on Tuesday, but during the late afternoon started to get some of my pep back. I decided I’d work out when the kids went to sleep.

However, just as we were serving dinner, my son threw up. He proceeded to get sick 1-2 times an hour for several hours and finally we all got to sleep (after playing musical beds) at around 12am. Sheesh!

This morning I woke up and my son felt good, I felt good, and the house looked like a nasty smelly bomb hit it.

So I scrubbed and cleaned and washed and disinfected and then…I BodyRock-ed!

Man this workout was rough AND I actually really heavily modified it! If my stats seem high, it’s likely because I majorly modified the exercise AND I didn’t have any of the equipment required so I had to make do with dumbbells.

Here are my stats: (for Day 4…which you can find here. Remember I’m working a few days behind)

Part 1:

  • Prisoner Squats 28/27/30
  • Crazy Mountain Climbing Squat Arm Torture Device Exercise 2/2.5/2
  • Squat + Front Raise 21/10/21
  • Side Plank Twists 19/11/10

Part 2:

This was a Pyramid 300 rep exercise. My time for all 300 reps was 11:53:16. I saw in the comments that some people took 27 minutes to do this part. I was wondering what in the world I did wrong until I realized they were using 20-25 lb sand bags. Um…5 lb weights y’all, and I felt FULLY worked out.

For the ab portion:

  • Spider Push Ups (box): 16
  • Mountain Climbers: 25 (I hate these things. HATE them)
  • Star: 11 (I’m darn proud of all 11 of those. I did them with proper form and really took my time!)

Part 3: 

It took me 2:20 to do the flow portion. I really hate that they don’t show it all together. I always feel like I’m doing something wrong? This time they didn’t even have directions, just the video. The words + the visual is what helps it come together for me, so this was frustrating…but you know what? It’s FREE, so I’ll deal with it.

Another BodyRock day down! I was drenched by the end of this one. Drenched!

I’m also super proud of myself for: 

A. Finishing the arm challenge in the 7 days allotted

B. Hopping back into BodyRock after being sick and caring for my sick little guy.

Are you doing the May challenge? Come chat with us about it!



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