Minion Valentine Box How-To

Minion Valentine Box

Minion Valentine Box

This year both of my kiddos have been tasked with creating their own Valentine’s Day card box.

This is a first for me, because my kids always made them in school!

We’ve had fun getting creative though, and even though my daughter’s isn’t finished yet, I thought I would share my son’s with you!

It’s a Minion Valentine Box!

This was actually a fairly easy Valentine Box to make. My daughter wants an Olaf Valentine Box and that concept is proving a bit more difficult for me (but I’ll post later if it doesn’t end up being a total disaster. She also likes to be a LOT more hands on then my son is.)

I was getting kind of frustrated on Pinterest because there weren’t any tutorials on how to make this Minion Valentine Box. There were TONS of pictures, but none of them went to a tutorial.

After making it though, I kind of see why. It’s pretty self explanatory! I’ll explain my process just in case it helps someone else though.

My supplies for this Minion Valentine Box were: 

  • a shoebox (with lid)
  • construction paper (LOTS of yellow, blue, white, brown and black and pink for the tongue)
  • aluminum foil
  • hot glue

How did I make the Minion Valentine Box? 

My son’s teacher wanted to be sure the lid was removable, so we did the lid first and covered it with construction paper, hot gluing as we went.

Honestly, it’s not easy to describe how we put the construction paper on there, but hopefully from the picture you can kind of figure it out. We basically used the construction paper similar to how you would use wrapping paper. This was made possible by using hot glue, as I don’t think construction paper would “stick” as well to the box with just ordinary stick glue.

Then we wrapped around the box with the construction paper and cut a hole on the top for the cards to go into.

The “goggle” is actually just a circle of aluminum foil.

The hair is a piece of black construction paper that we cut like this:

Minion Valentine Box


This is definitely a project you’ll want to do WITH your child, unless your child is old enough to use a hot glue gun themselves.

They can cut, hold the paper in place, write their name, etc. But you’ll want to do the more precise cutting/fitting and hot gluing if you are making this box for a little one.

Hope you enjoy!


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