My Camera is Back! It’s Great Timing Because…

Oh camera, how I have missed you!

I have been “making do” with my iPhone for pictures for almost 2 months now (and barely whining at all! Go me!).

The camera broke back in early December and with the hustle and bustle of Christmas, we didn’t get it to a shop until January.

The shop called and said the camera was fixed just a few days later (it wouldn’t turn on), but when I got there the camera still wasn’t turning on.

So back into the shop it went.

Finally…they called me today and it was READY!

And great timing too…because look what happened at school today:

Lost Tooth

Another one for the tooth fairy! He’s already lost 3 on the bottom but this is #1 on the top.

I think he prefers to lose his teeth at school. He’s lost 3 of the 4 that way ;) .

They give him a treasure box so I think I’d like to lose my teeth at school too!

He has the sweetest little lisp now.

I want to bottle it up.

Love it!


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