WW: Thank Goodness for Battery Operated Bubble Makers


I’m not a big fan of blowing bubbles.

The soapy water drips down your arms. The bubbles come back at you in your face if there’s the slightest gust of wind. It’s just…messy?

That’s why, I’ve ALWAYS wanted a battery operated bubble maker.

We’ve never had one! Noah’s aunt gave him one for his birthday though, so the other day we decided to play!

So fun.

Thank goodness for battery operated bubble makers. I’ve never had so much fun with bubbles in my whole entire life.


How does this thing work?

Maybe if I thump it...

This is pure bubble bliss.


The one that got away...

Do you like to blow bubbles? Or do you prefer a machine to do the hard work for you?

Come on. Be honest!




  1. Katie R. says

    Lol! I’ve never had a machine, but that would be nice! My kids like actually blowing them more than popping them, which seems strange to me. A can hold her own bottle (which I fill with homemade solution!), but B dumps his out, so I get to have a sticky hand and arm this summer. ;)

  2. says

    What is it with kids and bubbles? They love them! Yet I’m with you that they are messy. I have two little machines do the work for me…their names are Rylie and Bryce. :-) Although then I still have to clean up mess! Maybe I’ll invest in a battery operated blower…

    • says

      Yeah, mine don’t like blowing their own bubbles..OR they spill the whole container. I’ll take my battery operated bubble blower any day! LOL

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